Monday, October 6, 2008


You know you're a scrapbooker when...
(and by scrapbooking, I mean scrapbooking, cardmaking, or really any kind of paper crafting)

  • Your house is a mess because you've been scrapbooking all day.
  • You almost always have your camera with you (who knows when the perfect photo op will happen).
  • You check online galleries and blogs more often than you check the news.
  • You pull buttons off old or outgrown clothes just to use on a layout.
  • You save the ribbon off chocolate boxes, things sold in bundles, and gifts to use on your pages and cards.
  • You save the tags off of clothing just because it's cute, or your child's favorite cartoon character... who knows, you might be able to incorporate it into a page.
  • You change your child's outfit to match the paper you just bought... duh, so you'll have the perfect photo to go with the paper.
  • You wonder if you'll ever get caught up.
  • You are always looking for a new scrapbooking store, boutique, or convention.
  • You save movie ticket stubs, programs from plays, and the map from the zoo so you can scrap it.
  • You have tools your husband doesn't even know how to use.
  • The cashiers at your local scrapbook store know you by name.
  • Your cropping bag is the first thing you pack for vacation, which tends to make your husband/family wonder if your priorities are in the right order.
  • Midnight crop has nothing to do with produce (except maybe your snacks that you bring along... who am I kidding, chocolate and caffeine is all you need)!
  • You know what EP, CS, and DSP stand for.
  • You have the local scrapbooking store coupons sent to your email.
  • You know that "Scrapbookers don't lie. We embellish."

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